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Music and performing arts workshop for children

Together with Emma Ribbing we developed a performance workshop for children about abstraction in sound and movement. We developed a very simple electronic music instrument, that produces abstract sounds and that can be played by 3 year old kids without instructions.




Audiovisual art installation at Malmö Foto Biennale 2017

For Malmö Fotobiennale 2017, Silas Bieri and Alexis Rodríguez Cancino from in-discourse were curated to present an audiovisual installation. The installation shows a parallel visual and auditive presentation of the room the audience is actually in. In this case shown as a analog dia show inside freight-container.

interactive video installation for Utskottet vision AB

For the Malmö based company Utskottet vision AB we worked on the interactive video installation “Polygon”. Besides the soundtrack we developed max-msp patches which controlled the audio levels of the installation. For the same project we also shot and delivered a promotional trailer.


We proudly provided

  • Sound designer, Silas Bieri
  • Photographer and editor of promotional trailer, Alexis R Cancino

Soundengineering at “International Astronautic Conference”

For the German AV-supplier Lichtwerk Veranstaltungstechnik Silas worked as FOH engineer on the opening ceremony of the “69th International Astronautical Congress Bremen 2018” directed by Regina Stahl. Silas skills in amplifying classical music was important in the collaboration with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen who played to the projections for an audience of over 10’000 people. Besides that, the live connection to ISS space station was a major highlight of the event.


We proudly provided

  • Audio Engineer, Silas Bieri

Skånes Dansteater “Wildcard II”

Skånes Dansteater chose our studio to produce and perform their show “Wildcards II”. An experimental production containing six short pieces, choreographed by the dancers of the company.

We proudly provided

  • Studio falcilities
  • Technical equipment
  • Audience and crew hosting
  • Audio Engineering, Silas Bieri

Audio post production “Taet på mig”

For Copenhagen based film-director Carl Moberg, we did the audio post production for “Taet på mig”. Many of the scenes contain music that has been recorded on the set. The athmospheric film has been mixed with a very musical approach.


We proudly provide

  • Studio facilities
  • Audio Engineer, Silas Bieri


On set music recording for “Sindri”

For Malmö based rap artist Sindri we recorded the live session for the video to his song “Ingen Känner Dig Som Jag”. The entire music recordings have been made on the set by Silas Bieri.

We proudly provided

  • Site coordination
  • Mobile audio recording equipment
  • Backline
  • Audio Engineer, Silas Bieri


Mixing award winning song for Guy Mandon

The Swiss producer and singer Guy Mandon won the M4Music award, one of Switzerlands biggest music prices, with the song “STREAM”. The entire album has been mixed by Silas Bieri and mastered by Alexis R. Cancino at in-discourse studios and was released on vinyl by Radicalis music management


We proudly provided

  • Mixing Engineer, Silas Bieri
  • Mastering Engineer, Alexis R Cancino

Art film installation by Emma Ribbing and Heather Barnett

Spatial Negotiations is a looped film installation. It is the result of a collaboration between choreographer Emma Ribbing and British artist Heather Barnett
The film opened BIOTallinn, Arcitectual Biennal Sept 2017 and was presented at Malmö Moderna Museum.
The film is a sensory exploration of urban space inspired by a single-celled organism. Using as a starting point, the collective behaviour of the Slime mould, Physarum polycephalum, a group of dancers were invited to explore an historic architectural site. The resulting film derives from this piece of movement research, experiencing the materiality and atmosphere of space whilst operating as a nonhuman collective body.


We proudly provided

  • Concept and choreography, Emma Ribbing
  • Sounddesign, Silas Bieri
  • Camera and color correction, Alexis R Cancino

Children performance Rumbels with Bugaku

Rumbles with Bugaku, Kurr med Bugaku (SE) is a performance for children age 2-5, Premier May 2017 by Emma Ribbng. It has been produced in deep collaboration with in-discourse. Touring SALTO dancefestival in 2018 and internationally in South Africa & Ukraine in 2018-19

The tablet has run out! A groove is lost! The adventurous Bugaku transforms her bedroom to an imaginative dance fable to refind her groove.

“Total 4-year old concentration when @emmaribbing does her beautiful performance, This gifted artist has performed all over Sweden! @swedeninsa love
having you here Emma! “– Hedda Krausz, Svenska Ambassaden I Pretoria, South Africa
“It was so enchanting and totally engaged me on all sensory levels. What a wonderful time of learning.”– Diana Elea teacher and actress, Johannesburg

Funded by Konstnärsnämnden, Region Skåne & Malmö Stad

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