We provide content, services and infrastructure for art and media productions
We facilitate quality, aesthetics and cultural values
We trigger creative discourse


Audio Services

Experience extraordinary audio at one of the Nordics' largest and best-equipped sound studios. Led by renowned sound designer and engineer Silas Bieri, we offer:

  • Professional and creative audio services
  • Sound design
  • Music Production, Mixing and Mastering
  • Film, Broadcast Post-production
  • Foley, ADR, SFX production
  • Analogue and Digital workflows
  • Highest industry standards, including Dolby Atmos

Media Studio

Welcome to our in-house video production services. We are proud to own one of Southern Sweden's largest media studios. Our state-of-the-art studio and experienced team of videographers and editors specialize in creating videos, with a strong emphasis on art and aesthetic values. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand the unique needs of each project, and in our use of cutting-edge equipment and techniques. While art and music documentation are our main areas of focus, we also have experience in creating business and documentary videos. Browse our portfolio and see for yourself the diverse range of projects we have been able to produce.    

Artistic Work

We engage in creating interdisciplinary art projects that merge music, performance art, film, architecture, and creative education. Led by our Art Director and Choreographer, Emma Ribbing, our team offers unique and captivating art experiences that engage audiences and reflect the specific identity of each project. Each member of our team has an artistic background and a passion for the arts, bringing a unique perspective to each project. Our portfolio showcases our diversity of projects, including our current project "Draft of Silence" which demonstrates our passion for interdisciplinary art. Browse our portfolio and see for yourself the artistry and creativity of our work.



Our facilities are located in the heart of a former railway factory in Malmö, Sweden.
in-discourse production studios are customizable spaces, designed and equipped for hosting technically demanding productions.

Key Features

Comfortable spaces with high ceiling and beautiful natural light (can be blacked out)
3 acoustically independent rooms with high acoustic quality.

C size C.Bechstein grand piano
State of the art audio video and lighting equipment.
Situated on the ground floor – full access without steps or elevators.
Hosting up to 150 persons.
30 min from Copenhagen Airport.

For more detailed information download the technical rider and floor plan

If you are interested in reserving the industrial train hall, please contact us

About Us

Since 2014 we spent days and nights constructing our studios. We put all our resources and creativity to stay independent and not compromise with our aesthetics. Our infrastructure grew over a period of 10 years from working artistically in sound and stage art in Sweden and Switzerland. The characteristic interior is completely built up from recycled materials. We are immensely grateful for the help from dedicated friends and family who helped us constructing in-discourse studios. It is our favorite working space and we hope it will be yours!

“It sounds warm, edgy, grainy, mouldy, sharp” – Seriously – Working with sound is to 80% the job of a translator.

Silas Bieri

Sound Engineer / Sound Designer

I use movement, games and installation to encourage associative dialogues.

Emma Ribbing

Movement Director / Art Director

Alexis Rodríguez Cancino

Photographer / Post-Producer

Approach new music as you would approach a stranger: Free from prejudice and stigma.

Miro Rutscho

Founder / Partner


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