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Line Tjørnhøj’s PORTRAIT

We contributed Line Tjørnhøj’s PORTRAIT, a digital multimedial MONUMENT paying tribute to Danish Secretary General of DanChurchAid, Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen.

We proudly contributed with:

Multi-cam video set up at @volume_venue in Copenhagen, and foley at our studios @indiscourse in Malmö.
Premiered next 22nd September at Århus @konmuseum

Photography by Alexis Rodríguez Cancino

Sound recording and foley by Silas Bieri

Sebastian Mullaert Malmö Live

For Intonal Festival 2021 and Sebastian Mullaert & Subchamber Ensmble We produced the concert film “Nathall at  Malmö Live” The production included the conception, audio and video recordings and postproduction but also artistic direction of the film and light-design.


  • Video pre and postproduction, direction and edition



Neo4J is a returning client of ours for their yearly Key-Note we produce, post produce and stream video content to the online event.


  • video pre and postproduction
  • video studio production (greenscreen)
  • video streaming



In collaboration with Jakob Riis, sonicESCAPES and inter arts center Malmö, we built a 48 Channel Accousmonium at our studio for the “Acousmatic for the people 2019” festival. The immersive audio setup consist of 48 independent speakers across the studio.


We proudly provided

  • Sound engineering and equipment for 48 Channel Accousmonium.
  • Hosting the Festival

Sounddesign For Malmö Stadsteaters Orlando

For Malmö Stadsteaters rendition of Virginia Wolffs Orlando with live-music by Jenny Wilson, the sound design was developed by Silas Bieri in close collaboration with Jenny Wilson and her band.


We proudly provided

  • Sounddesigner Silas Bieri
  • Audio recording and post production

Album recording for Jenny Wilson

For the Swedish artist Jenny Wilson we provided our studio and equipment for the session recording of her upcoming album. Silas Bieri engineered the recording in close collaboration with Jenny Wilson and producer Martin Thulin.


We proudly provided

  • Recording Studios
  • Sound equipment and Backline
  • Sound engineering



In a collaboration project with Jernhusen AB, Malmö Innovationsarena, Stadsbyggnadskontoret, Gatukontoret, Barnkulturenheten and Grundskoleförvaltningen we produced and documented methods for integrating children’s creativity in city architecture.


We proudly provided

  • Art director Emma Ribbing
  • Archive films for Stadsbyggnadskontoret Malmö
  • Workshops with School-children, and project collaborators
  • Web-Documentary, production and direction

Drafts of Silence

Drafts of Silence is an audiovisual art project by Silas Bieri and Alexis Rodríguez Cancino. The project started in 2017 with an exhibition at the Malmö Photobiennale and Draft of Silence #1 premiered at Lokstallarna in October 2020. It is an exploration of transformation and perceived silence through photography and sound design. Drafts of Silence is currently taking part of #gallery2408.


We proudly provided

  • Our studio and equipment
  • Sound designer Silas Bieri
  • Photographer Alexis Rodríguez Cancino
  • Producer Jonna Eriksson

#Gallery2408 for Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

Audio designer Silas Bieri, photographer Alexis Rodríguez Cancino and producer Jonna Eriksson has together with artist Jeanette Gostomski created a live-in gallery in a hotel room on the 24th floor of Clarion Hotel Malmö Live that is bookable between December 2020 and March 2021. To learn more about the project visit


We proudly provided

  • Sounddesign Silas Bieri
  • Photographer Alexis Rodríguez Cancino
  • Producer Jonna Eriksson
  • Technical equipment for creation and exhibition


In the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, in-discourse together with freelancers and micro businesses in culture and media production started a project to create a digital stage for art and culture. During the spring of 2020 Culturestream produced eleven live streamed programs with a broad variety of cultural expressions. Culturestream is working towards becoming a forum for artists creating together with technicians. Watch our productions here.


We proudly provided

  • Technical and artistic direction
  • Mediastudio and technical equipment
  • Producer Jonna Eriksson
  • Producer Emma Ribbing
  • Technical director Silas Bieri
  • Photographer and camera operator Alexis Rodríguez Cancino