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Sound engineering for Phase 7 “UMEÅ 2014”

The cultural capital of Europe 2014 was the Swedish city Umeå. The Berlin based company Phase7 produced the opening ceremony for both a live audience of 50’000 people and television broadcast. The setting was a 180m large stage on the frozen river Umeåälven. Silas Bieri worked out the audio distribution concept, supervised and operated the sound of the show and broadcast.


We proudly provided

  • Audio Engineer, Silas Bieri


Sounddesign for location based App by Guidly

Guidly is a Sweden based company producing location based storytelling apps. From city guides to adventure stories.

PAX by Åsa Larsson and Ingela Korsell is a well known Swedish adventure story for young people. Guidly produced a location based app for this story, for the Swedish edition house Bonnier Carlsen. Silas from in-discourse composed and produced the music for the nonlinear sounddesign that has been implemented and produced by guidly.


We proudly provided

  • Sounddesign and Composition, Silas Bieri

Recording and music documentary with Dream Pilot

in-discourse studios made it possible for Swiss band, Dream Pilot to film while recording in a multitude of rooms, large enough for everyone to work concentrated. The Swiss indie band used our facilities for recording and filming a documentary about the band, as well as videoclips for the Album Afterglow. The residency was made possible by Miro Rutscho / in-discourse and Swiss filmmaker Dersu Huber.


We proudly provided

  • Studio facilities
  • Audio recording equipment
  • Backline
  • B-photo
  • Lighting
  • Crew accommodation and catering

Hosting commercial shooting by King Edward

King Edward Filmproduktion, used our studios for shooting an advertisement on “Folktandvård skåne”.  Our media studio had the size but also the appearance to be shown in the commercials.

We proudly provided

  • Studio facilities
  • Grip

Music Video for the Rasmus by Gade18

Malmö based production company Gade18 shot all the indoor concert scenes of The Rasmus video clip “Paradise” in our studios. The height and size of the black box and the comfortable lounge area for the band, crew and extras made in-discourse studios the perfect shooting location.


We proudly provided

  • Production Stage as black box with black floor
  • Site coordination