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Soundengineering at “International Astronautic Conference”

For the German AV-supplier Lichtwerk Veranstaltungstechnik Silas worked as FOH engineer on the opening ceremony of the “69th International Astronautical Congress Bremen 2018” directed by Regina Stahl. Silas skills in amplifying classical music was important in the collaboration with The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen who played to the projections for an audience of over 10’000 people. Besides that, the live connection to ISS space station was a major highlight of the event.


We proudly provided

  • Audio Engineer, Silas Bieri

Skånes Dansteater “Wildcard II”

Skånes Dansteater chose our studio to produce and perform their show “Wildcards II”. An experimental production containing six short pieces, choreographed by the dancers of the company.

We proudly provided

  • Studio falcilities
  • Technical equipment
  • Audience and crew hosting
  • Audio Engineering, Silas Bieri

VFX shoot “West of Liberty”

For the TV Series “West of liberty”, Chimney and Anagram have been shooting in front of our greenscreen.  The size of the studio and greenscreen were optimal for the VFX shoot. We provided the greenscreen and parts of the lighting as well as the studio infrastructure and crew catering.

We proudly provided

  • Studio facilities
  • Lighting
  • Crew catering

Hosting BRIO photoshoot

Swedish toy manufacturer BRIO shot lifestyle and product still images at our studio for their catalogue 2019. Photographer Nils Odier relied on in-discourse to provide the complete lighting, grip and parts of the set design.


We proudly provided

  • Studio facilities
  • Fixed and flash lighting
  • Grip and fabrics
  • Foto-assistance

in-discourse construction – the studios were born

In the former railway factory in Malmö Kirseberg, we decided to transform the infrastructure needed to grow our business to its full potential. Starting in October 2014 and finishing March 2nd in 2015. The former joinery was a very quiet room of about 350 m2 and a ceiling height up to 9m.

A major part of the construction has been built with second hand material. The complete floors and massive wood walls come from a formar gym-hall. We decided to take the “sport lines” as a design element in the room.

For further information about the studio scroll down to the studio page.


Together with the other in house companies, we share a comfortable lounge with kitchen and additional rooms of different sizes. There is the possibility to host up to 30 people in the lounge.

Recording Room

Our recording room has a very good acoustic qualities. The nonparallel walls in massive beech wood create a live acoustic perfect for instrument recording of all kinds. Of course this room can also be made acoustically dry, if there is the need for clean recordings such as voice overs or ADR.

The view to the control room and to the stage is seamless, this allows us to use to room also as second control room for audio or video.

For more detailed information download the technical rider and floor plan

Production Stage

The stage and media studio comprises 180 square metres and up to nine metres of ceiling height. The massive beechwood floor is shock absorbent, making it ideal for dance, stunts and physical work as well as handling heavy film and theatre equipment. The outstanding acoustics make the space ideal for large music, film and broadcast productions. It is possible to customize the space with white, black-box or green-screen curtains.

For more detailed information download the technical rider and floor plan

Control Room

Our spacious control room has outstanding acoustic qualities.  It can easily host five persons. Visual communication to all the other spaces is seamless.

The hard and software in the studio is of the highest technical standard it is customized to accomplish demanding audio tasks.

The heart of the control room is a Studer 902 analogue broadcast console with digital inserts. It allows us to work intuitive, musical and creative at the highest sonic quality.

The system also features an advanced video engine with video-cards and GPU’s  for film, gaming and VR applications.

For more detailed information download the technical rider and floor plan