We provide content, services and infrastructure for art and media productions
We facilitate quality, aesthetics and cultural values
We trigger creative discourse


Audio Solutions

We are experts in audio engineering. We offer everything from music recording and ADR to post production and mastering. Sound designer Silas Bieri has vast experience of collaborating with artist, producers of stage art, game designers and filmmakers, to name a few.This makes in-discourse a unique partner for audio solutions.

Media Studio

We built one of southern Sweden’s largest media and sound studios. Through the years in-discourse studio has hosted everything from big music productions and production rehearsals for dance and theater to photo shoots, filming and livestreams. It is the backbone of our productions and built up on the highest quality standards.

Artistic Work

Everyone at in-discourse has an artistic identity. Regardless size or the scope of the project we integrate this passion into our daily workflow. Our motto is never to compromise and always deliver high quality. To learn more about our own artistic projects scroll down to work or visit our artistic websites emmaribbing.se or draftsofsilence.com