At in-discourse AB the goal is to link our gathered competences in the way that you need and provide inspiring and qualitative infrastructure and technical service. With over 10 years of experience working in various functions for event and many fields of art, the company and the people behind it create bridges between creativity and business and the event industries. Our work ranges across a spectrum, from street art to live broadcast, pop industries to avant-garde theatre.

Our studio at Södra Bulltoftavägen (at Lokstallarna studios) allows us to host, create as well as produce, and with efficiency. The combination of technical facilities and a dedicated team with a hands-on approach makes in-discourse AB a personal and unique partner for a multitude of productions.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs!

Silas Bieri

Audio Engineer, Composer

I often find my role to be a communicator, in the creation of sound but also as a technician. In all productions I have been working, from punk concerts to major stadium events, in recording studios or museums, the transmission of art to the audience is the challenge that makes my passion.

Emma Ribbing

Choreographer, Performer

I have a great appreciation for movement, the body and symbols. My approach to dance is based on the humble recognition of nature, patterns and the random. My tools are; the body, text and textures, abstract or narrative. I create political bodies, eager to make people playful and rich in building personal associations to what they experience.

Miro Rutscho

Developer, Composer

Dreaming in progress. I love to sleep and explore music in its most subliminal way. Sadly technology doesn't allow melodies sung in dreams to be recorded (waving at neuroscientists!). And I secretly want to be a samurai. A sample samurai. Cutting through sweet waveforms like no other... except digital fruit ninjas.